About Us

Glad to see that you have found your way here! We are Nordic Empire Games, a small independent gaming studio founded and located in Stockholm, Sweden.

We are three young men, fully dedicated to the development of games that are fun and engaging, while at the same time staying committed to what is right and true. We, as so many others, have noticed the narratives that are repeatedly forced into modern entertainment. These narratives more often than not run contrary to healthy living and many of the foundational values of Western Civilization. As such, we want to create entertainment that takes a stand for the inalienable rights of each man, and challenges the dominant narratives of modern media entertainment. 

We have high ambitions of creating games that push culture in the right direction, and we want to grow organically. Our games are built and drawn from scratch and we want to bring back the fun challenging experience of old-school games. Thank you for your support, we hope that you will enjoy our games!

Try out our debut release Acquitted on Steam!